Authenticate your workspace when using the API by including your secret API Key in the request. You can access your API Key in the Integration Settings on your Callerdesk dashboard.

Note that your API Key allows you access to your private contact data in Callerdesk and as such it should not be shared outside of your company. If a certain integration, that's not listed on our Integrations page, requests your API Key, please reach out to us, and don't share your key with anyone. Also, do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such GitHub, client-side code, and so forth.

  • You need to send your API Key in the Authorization header in each request.
  • All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.
  • Authentication to the API is performed via HTTP Bearer Auth.

  • To test requests using your account, replace the sample API key with your actual API key or sign in.

Updated 18 Jan 2022
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