Add Member

With this API, you can create and invite any of your desired team member on platform. you can also give & control desired admin or normal access and active/inactive status too.

Get a cake by its ID
Body Parameters
ID of the cake to get

Important Information:

Member is the employee who is using the platform for incoming or outgoing calls.

  1. Active member/ Inactive member

Active Members: Those members who are available to work and take the calls are considered as active members. Inactive Members: Members who are either left the company or are not available on certain days because of leaves are the part of inactive members.

2. Access types

Regular Member: Regular members can view, check and access their own activities as well as own groups. Apart from their own data they can’t edit anything. Admin Member: Admin, as the name suggests, is the main head on the platform. Admin has all the necessary rights in regards to viewing, checking, accessing or editing any data.

3. Make sure, member mobile number should be unique i.e not be added prior in your account to avoid any error.

Updated 04 Jul 2022
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